Sell Your Boat

5 Brokers, 2 Offices, 2 Yards and 80+ Years of Experience Working for You

If you’re ready to sell your boat, McMichael can help. We are one of the few brokerages in the country with five full-time, on-site professional yacht brokers and an experienced administration staff working to get your boat sold. Each of our brokers has a personal database of hundreds of boaters and will work hard to find you a buyer. Our sales offices in Mamaroneck, NY, and Newport, RI, cover the most densely populated boating communities in the country. Listing with McMichael means that your boat will be offered on a co-brokerage basis to other firms across the country at no additional cost to you.

Our brokerage support staff handles all the paperwork, from the initial listing to the bills of sale, title abstracts and other due diligence, leaving your broker free to focus on finding a buyer. 

We have listings from New Jersey to Rhode Island and routinely close deals with buyers from around the world. In addition to print advertising and direct one-on-one marketing to our existing clients, McMichael has a large presence in the online boat market.

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