Storm Trysail Safety-at-Sea

McMichael Yacht Yards & Brokers
continues as sponsor of
Storm Trysail’s Hands-on Safety-at-Sea Seminars

Part of any sailing adventure, regardless of whether you’re racing or cruising, is being able to return to port safely. In some coastal waters, safety-at-sea is rarely a concern. However, in virtually every body of water situations can arise — either natural or man made — that can put your boat and your crew’s lives at risk.

The Storm Trysail Foundation continues its program of teaching safety-at-sea to sailors of all levels. Importantly, this one-day Hands-On Safety-at-Sea seminar provides first-hand training and experience in retrieving a person overboard, fighting onboard fires, first aid, core damage control skills, and, when all else fails, how to inflate your PFD and abandon ship.

McMichael is proud to have been a sponsor of the Hands-On Safety-at-Sea seminar for many years and we appreciate the opportunity to help teach more sailors the skills they will need to return home safely.