New Boat Pre-Trade-in Program

A new concept for buying a new boat

The popularity of boating around the world is at an all-time high; but this heightened demand and widespread supply chain challenges have dramatically changed the boat-buying process.

If you’ve looked into buying a new boat, you know the delivery timing can be more than a year. That timing then raises the question of what will be the trade-in value of your current boat in a year when your new boat arrives?

McMichael is introducing our New Boat Pre-Trade-in Program

McMichael’s New Boat Pre-Trade-in Program locks-in a minimum trade-in value of your current boat today so you can order your new boat and continue to enjoy your current one while you await the new one’s arrival.

McMichael will create a custom buy/sell package for you. We will commit to a minimum trade-in value for your current boat now, so you are assured of that contribution to the purchase of your new boat. Then, when your new boat is within six months of its planned delivery, McMichael will list and sell your current boat.

For more information, call McMichael and ask about our New Boat Pre-Trade-In Program.