McMichael Yacht Yards – Standing Rigging

On your sailboat, perhaps the last things you routinely check for wear and tear are the various component’s standing rigging. If one or more parts of your standing rigging should fail, you could be facing major problems…and expenses. Contact McMichael and have us check your standing rigging. If any parts need servicing or replacement, we’ll contact you immediately with a recommend plan of attack. Let us check for the following:

MAST AND BOOMMasthead Rigging Check

  • Signs of pitting around where fixtures are attached
  • Blocks’ shives not worn and leads in working condition?
  • Spreader attachment points signs of wear or fatigue
  • Paint chips
  • Stress cracks


  • Swage attachment point condition
  • Spreader endcaps padded
  • Failing wire shroud at swage points
  • Condition of turnbuckles


  • Roller furler bearings condition – top and bottom
  • Furler line condition
  • Headstay foil condition
  • Installation of proper luff feeder

STANCHIONS Moisture Check

  • If any stanchions are wobbly and need to be reseated
  • Bent stanchions or pulpits
  • Are lifelines fraying or wearing
  • Do some of the lifelines require padding


  • Dutchman lines are still serviceable
  • Permanent boom sail covers are in good shape
  • In-boom furlers are properly lubricated and aligned
  • All control lines are in satisfactory condition

To set-up an appointment to check your standing rigging, contact our service manager HERE.