McMichael Yacht Yards – Painting

Making sure your boat’s topsides and bottom are properly painted will deliver benefits on many levels. Obviously, having proper bottom paint on a boat stored in the water all summer will help deter a fouled bottom. Fouled bottoms not only look unsightly, but they dramatically reduce your boat’s performance (speed capabilities and fuel economy). And, if your topsides look tired and worn, a new coat of paint can give your boat a new lease on life. Talk to McMichael about the painting needs of your boat including:


For performance sailboat racers, having a smooth, clean, and fast bottom can put you on the podium…or keep you off it. Some of the area’s fastest racers have had McMichael put our custom “racing bottoms” on their boats. With a choice of paint colors and ablative characteristics, our racing bottoms are custom sprayed, faired, and sanded down to 800 grit paper. A racing bottom will cost you a bit more, but it will pay for itself multiple times over with the performance improvements you’ll experience


Even of racing isn’t your thing, you still want to have a clean, well performing bottom so you can cruise more efficiently and burn less fuel when under power. McMichael offers a broad range of bottom paints that will help fight algae build-up that will accumulate over the summer. Talk with us about your plans for your boat and where you store it. Then, we’ll recommend a bottom paint option that will fit your needs and your budget.


Clean, shinny topsides make are a positive reflection of your boat and you as its owner. If your topsides are dull and oxidizing, you have two options:

  1. You can repaint your topsides in the current or a new color, or,
  2. If appropriate, McMichael can polish and buff the current topside paint to possibly renew its luster.


You and your on-board companions are usually the only ones to get a close-up look at the condition of your deck paint. Regardless, your deck paint is important for both cosmetic and moisture-prevention purposes. If your deck paint is getting flaky, dull or is starting to crack and craze, talk to McMichael about the benefits of having your deck paint renewed, particularly if the underlying surface has shown signs of cracks that would allow damaging moisture between the deck and the interior’s overhead.

To set-up an appointment to evaluate the paint on your boat, contact our service manager HERE.