McMichael Yacht Yards – Engines and Mechanical

Regardless of whether you have a power boat or a sailboat, having a well-maintained engine that you can rely upon is the foundation of any boating season. McMichael provides professional engine and mechanical services for all manufacturer’s products. We also service inboards, outdrives, and outboards at both of our yards.


Engine Check

McMichael provides trained and certified service for:


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The ideal time to perform routine maintenance on your engine is in the spring before the boat is fully commissioned. We will check and replace as necessary all fluids, filters, and belts.

We will also conduct manufacturer-recommended diagnostics as required to identify and address any potential issues before they become on-the-water problems.


Nothing is more frustrating than when your boat’s engine breaks down. The mechanical team at McMichael has “seen  it all” and stands at the ready to diagnose and correct whatever malfunction is keeping your engine from operating properly.

Our customers appreciate the special relationships they have developed with our service team over the years and often call us when away on a cruise to help them diagnose and correct an engine problem. This is the high-touch service that McMichael is known for.


When an engine has reached the end of its life, you don’t have to scuttle the boat. For over 80 years, McMichael has been putting new life into customers’ boats by repowering them with new, state-of-the-art engines and components.

To learn more about maintaining, repairing or replacing your boat’s engine, contact our Service Manager HERE.