McMichael Yacht Yards – Yacht Cleaning


If asked, you’d probably name these three priorities for your boat: reliability/performance, appearance, and being clean. Regardless how diligent you are about cleaning your boat after every use, there are still nooks and crannies that you just never get to. Under the sink in the head, behind the garbage bucket in the galley, down deep in lockers and the anchor chain well.

Dirt and dampness in these areas can create mildew and mold – two things no owner wants on a boat. McMichael can help you avoid these conditions during the season, at decommissioning (so small problems don’t become large ones over the winter), or during a spring commissioning. We offer the following services in our yard, and, is some instances, can travel to clean and restore your boat:

  • Deep cleaning services – interior and exterior
  • Cushion repairs and replacements
  • Interior woodwork cleaning and refurbishment
  • Engine compartment cleaning

To set-up an appointment to discuss having your boat professionally cleaned, contact our service manager HERE.