McMichael Summer Sales Plan


(All boats must be listed with McMichael Yacht Brokers as Central Agency Listings)

Cost $22.00/ft. Includes hauling for land display or space at our brokerage float (at our option), bottom pressure washing and blocking. Boats in the water will not be run or used other than for a sea trial with owner’s permission prior to each sea trial. Owner MUST remove and store sails below or the yard will remove the sails and the owner will be charged. (Severely fouled bottoms will be charged T&M.)

Boats not under contract by October 15 will be launched at no charge or they may stay for winter storage at prevailing rates. If you stay for the winter, a $5.00/ft. credit on the winter storage charge will be given, provided that the customer account is current and the yard is in receipt of a Winter Reservation Form and accompanying $500 deposit prior to October 15.

Boats under contract on October 15 must leave the yard prior to October 31 to avoid winter storage charges.

The Summer Storage is offered for one summer only.  Thereafter, listed boats remaining on-the-hard will be required to pay the prevailing Summer Storage Rate.

Contact McMichael today to include your boat in the Summer Sales Program.