Congratulations To Andrew & Linda Weiss’s Christopher Dragon on their Bermuda Race Win

Andrew Weiss Interview By Dave Reid

McMichael Yacht Yards & Brokers is a supporting sponsor for the Newport-to-Bermuda Race because, over the decades, many McMichael customers have competed in it…and many have notched-up victories in this race. In this year’s contest, long-time McMichael customer Andrew Weiss and his crew aboard the Italia 11.98 CHRISTOPHER DRAGON sailed a near-perfect race. They won Class 12 by over three hours corrected and placed fourth in the St. David’s Lighthouse division.

Andrew was interviewed in Bermuda about DRAGON’s race by Sailing World’s editor Dave Reid. During this conversation, Andrew discusses the modifications he had done on the boat in preparation for this race, including the work McMichael did on the keel to add weight so the boat would meet the race’s stability requirements.

Congratulations to Andrew and his crew.


Dave Reid interview: