McMichael Yacht Yards – Electronics

Some of the electronics on you boat are simple, and you can figure them out yourselves; however, the majority of them are sophisticated, computer-driven digital readouts that are as complicated as the computer on your desk. Rather than risk damaging your instruments (or your computer), you call in a trained electronic technician when needed. For your boat, the electronics team at McMichael has no peers. Navigation Station


We will replace antiquated or broken electronic instruments with state-of-the-art systems from all the major suppliers including B&G, Garman, A, B, and C. We will expertly connect them to sensors on your mast, through your hull, on your engine, or throughout your boat to provide you accurate and dependable information always.


Should you have a problem with one of your electrical systems, the McMichael electronics team will diagnose, fix or replace the broken instrument, sensor, or system. We work quickly and often the only delay for repairs is awaiting receipt of the replacement parts.


While not as complex as digital instrumentation, having properly installed lighting systems will allow you to enjoy your boat to its fullest.


Nothing is more frustrating than going below in your boat in the dark and your cabin lights don’t work. We will test your lighting system, replace faulty bulbs, connectors, fittings, and switches so the next time you need illumination, the lights go on.


Your on-deck and navigational lights also need regular maintenance and, at times, repairs/upgrades. Nothing is worse than one of your navigational lights not working when making a passage in the dark. We fix these systems all the time.

And, if you’re in the mood for some custom underwater or on-the-mast display lighting while at anchor, we will help you design and then install decorative lighting systems to make your boat standout in the fleet.

To discuss any electrical issues or questions you may have about your boat, contact our Service Manager HERE.