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Tartan 4000 was selected by both Sailing World and Cruising World magazine as a winner in their annual “Boat of the Year” competition for 2012. Cruising World named the boat “Best Midsize Cruiser, 40-45-feet,” while the more performance-oriented Sailing World named her “Best Performance Cruiser” overall. Rarely does one boat get chosen by both magazines in their independent reviews; in this case, both publications were impressed with the high level of performance the 4000 offers, alongside her cruising amenities.

Tartan 4700 #1

NEW! Tartan 4700

Custom Project for a

McMichael customer

Tartan 4000 – Hull #1 at McMichael

Tartan 3400

Tartan 3700

Tartan 4300

Tartan 4400 Raised Saloon

Tartan 5300

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Tartan Yachts at McMichael

McMichael is proud to offer brokerage Tartans to clients worldwide, and new Tartans in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Tartan’s 50 year history is founded on the best build technology, owner customization, handcrafted interiors and design excellence. Combined with McMichael’s 76 year history of superior customer support, this partnership will deliver an unmatched customer experience.

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For more information on the custom Tartan 4700, click here.

Cutting-edge technology and construction, owner customization, and the support of a full-service dealer. This is the Tartan formula.

Throughout the 50 year history of Tartan sailboats the resourceful designers, engineers and boat builders of Tartan Yachts have continuously established new standards of performance, quality and craftsmanship.

They have done so by staying true to a creed of providing Tartan sailboat owners with a yacht that delivers both luxurious accommodations and safe, well-mannered sailing performance in all conditions. Tartan sailboats are proud to carry the prestigious CE certification of Category A, Unlimited Offshore Use.

During the past decade, Tartan new designs and new performance cruising yacht innovations have led the industry and received numerous industry awards.  The Tartan 3400, 3700 and 4300 are all Boat of the Year award winners and the Tartan 5300 was a Sail magazine Best Boats award winner.  Additionally, the carbon fiber Tartan Pocket Boom was recognized with a Sail magazine innovation award.  Tartan technology has also set the pace with the development of vacuum infused BPA epoxy hull and deck laminates, carbon fiber masts, booms and rudder posts and the Cruise Control Rig (CCR).

Throughout Tartan’s 50 year history it has been a leader in producing American made, handcrafted sailing yachts for the discriminating sailor, and we expect the same for the next generation.

Traditional Tartan Quality

Tartan is the only sailboat manufacturer that offers infused BPA epoxy hulls, decks and carbon masts and carbon pocket booms as standard, placing it the forefront of boat building technology.

The interior structural components keel timbers, mast step, chainplate attachment points, structural stringers and bulkheads are bonded in place with fiberglass reinforcement and BPA   epoxy resin.  This Tartan construction technique provides greater strength in these critical structural elements. Tartan construction offers our owners the safest hulls in the industry.

BPA Epoxy Hulls

Just as the introduction of polyester fiberglass laminates replaced wood yacht construction in the early 1960′s, Tartan’s new infused BPA epoxy laminate now makes those earlier lamination techniques obsolete. We use BPA epoxy resin in our laminating process. The other builders use polyester resins, which simply cannot achieve the strength, stiffness and osmotic resistance our hulls. That’s why the world’s leading grand prix and custom yachts are built with epoxy resins. While our resin is more expensive than polyester resin, there is simply no other sensible choice in hull laminate construction.

VIP Decks

Tartan decks are the strongest and stiffest in the industry. Our custom vacuum infusion process creates the best resin-to-glass ratio, and all deck hardware is mounted through solid glass laminate with appropriate FRP or aluminum backing plates.

Tartan Stylish Interiors

While Tartan is recognized as an industry leader for strength, speed and safety at sea, our interiors provide you the utmost in style and comfort below decks. Here are a few of the many elegant features found in our boats:

  • Interior Handcrafted, solid stock and laminated curved trim detail
  • Ventilated, solid stock cherry doors
  • Dovetail drawers
  • Select, rich Sunbrella fabrics, custom crafted by our in-house upholstery team
  • Hand varnished, carefully placed hand-holds providing safe movement belowdecks
  • Solid stock passage doors
  • Lightweight composite cherry cabinets
  • Custom molded composite laminate, solid surface countertops in the galley and head areas that are scratch and crack resistant and lightweight

Carbon-Fiber Masts

In 2004, Tartan established another industry first. Our complete line is equipped with carbon-fiber masts as standard equipment. Through a partnership with Novis Composites, we have developed carbon-fiber masts specifically engineered for each of our models. Our patented process utilizes internal and external air bladders, female molds, high modulus carbon pre-preg laminates, and a 260 degree autoclave reaching pressures up to 120 psi, Tartan masts boast a seamless structure, an integral luff groove, and contiguous fibers from top to bottom.

Why go carbon? Carbon fiber exhibits a tensile strength greater than that of steel. As a result, our Tartan carbon masts have a substantially greater section modulus than their aluminum counterparts. This superior strength means greater safety at sea.

The Custom Tartan 4700

Tartan 4700 #1, launched at McMichael June 2011 – photo courtesy Onne van der Wal

The 4700 was conceived as a boat that would be an exact fit for our client’s needs. Designed to be the perfect family boat for a two-week yacht club cruise with the capability for longer-term cruising and ocean passages, the yacht requires no compromise. McMichael has worked closely with our client to define the perfect boat, and worked in turn with Tartan Yachts to make that boat a reality. Stay tuned for more progress reports on the 4700, scheduled for launch this June.

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