First MJM 35z launching soon!

This breakthrough 35’ outboard Downeaster from MJM is revolutionizing this category of performance power yachts.

Over the past decades, power yacht designs have become more seaworthy, fuel efficient, and faster using new construction methods and materials matched with modern diesel engines.  MJM Yachts has been one of the leaders in this movement with their Doug Zurn designed line of modified deep-V hull designs. These “Z” boats are built by Boston BoatWorks using pre-preg epoxy composite construction. The result is that MJM Yachts has become the leader in fuel-efficient production diesel-powered boats.

The new MJM 35z brings this epoxy composite technology and Zurn design to outboards with a predicted top speed over 50 mph—similar to smaller open boats—yet achieving this speed with twin rather than triple 300s needed by competing designs.

The MJM 35z is designed with a target cruising speed of 38 mph and, with her 250-gallon fuel capacity, a cruising range better than 350 miles.

Learn more about the MJM 35z HERE.

Contact McMichael to schedule a spring sea trial on the new MJM 35z.

Production photos of MJM 35Z Hull #1 nearing completion